LA Times Bomb: First Edition – Fri. Oct 1, 2010, 7:30 PM

LA Times Bomb First Edition Flyer


LA Times Bomb: First Edition

Crime of the Century: Wordspace, October 1, 7:30PM

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Lee Boek, Carmen Vega, William H. Bassett, Eric Vollmer, “Mike the Poet” Sonksen, Stosh Macheck & Brendan Constantine, Brenda Varda &
 Get Busy, Laural Meade and Andrea Kittleson.

A century ago, the City of Los Angeles is caught in the middle of an angry struggle between Labor and Capital. Something has to give-and it does. In the early morning of October 1, 1910, a strong blast reduces the fortress-like L.A. Times Office Building to rubble.
The aftermath results in the Trial of the Century. Well-known Labor champions,  Job Harriman and Clarence Darrow, come to the defense of the McNamara Bros., while the formidable Publisher of the Times, General Otis, marshals his forces against them.
* 2nd Edition: Oct 27, Warzawa, S.M.
Public Works Improvisational Theatre in collaboration with Wordspace is proud to present an evening of theater, music and spoken word concerning events leading up to the dynamiting of the L.A. Times Office Building and the ensuing public outcry. The compelling national search for suspects, the spectacular machinations that preceded the eventual trial and the surprising and perplexing outcome still resonate in the lives of Angelinos.
This collaborative arts project invites creative participation from the greater community of Los Angeles. Through this event and a series of site specific events in the coming year and the interactive website, Public Works encourages all to not only witness history but to vividly experience it as a living thing, which can illuminate contemporary events and their immediate personal, political and social relevance.

Wordspace is located in atwater village  at  3191 Casitas avenue, #156, Los Angeles, CA 90039
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