Teddy Roosevelt about Gen. Otis

Theodore Roosevelt about General Otis, publisher and editor of the LA TIMES in 1910, pg. 82

And on the national level, prominent citizens were declaring that Otis was an enemy of democracy and progress.  No voice was louder or drew more applause that that of Theodore Roosevelt, when he wrote in Outlook magazine:

“He (Otis) is a consistent enemy of every movement of social and economic betterment; a consisted enemy of men in California who have dared resolutely to stand against corruption and in favor of honesty.  The attitude of General Otis in his paper affords a curious instance of the anarchy of soul which comes to a man who, in conscienceless fashion, deifies property at the expense of human rights…It may be quite true that the paper (the Times) has again and again shown itself to be as much an enemy of good citizenship, honest, decent government, and every effective effort to secure fair play for the working men and women, as any anarchist….”

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