4th Edition: Union Busting!

Thursday March 17 at 7:30 pm

at EVFA Arts and Culture

727 S. Spring Street, LA 90014      Tel:  (213) 604-3634

The Game of Monopoly is invented and the Opposable Thumb brings the Struggle for Worker’s Rights to the Streets of LA. There is a battle with General Otis, Publisher of the Los Angeles Times,  who controls the City.  Socialist Job Harriman wins the Primary Election for Mayor, The LA Times explodes….Union Busting is the order of the Day.  Thugs are in the streets of Los Angeles as The Triangle Factory Fire burns in New York. McNamara Brothers Day is declared in LA, Rose Schneiderman fights the bosses in New York and Walt Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, Lord Buckley and others speak out through the Theater, Poetry, Comedy and Music of this collaborative art project as it shares and reminds us of the timeless quality of human struggle.

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